Datasource not found with Apex and JasperReports

Dietmar Aust created an excellent bridge from Apex to JasperReports.

However, after following his directions, it still didn’t work.

After testing with the supplied Apex-application in the integration software we got the error

Datasource not found: default

After some digging we found that using the Tomcat 6 installation for 32 bits Windows did the trick. Installing on Tomcat 7 doesn’t work.

Forms 6 on 11gR2

My customer asked me if it was possible to upgrade our 10g database to 11g. Not a problem you should say. However, it’s a client-server system with Oracle Forms 6i on the front-end.

So that is Oracle Net 8 talking to a 11g. They asked around and the only answer they got was “that is not supported”.  But they don’t just take “No” for an answer. There is only one answer: “Test, test, test”.

I started with a simple test: an empty import of our application in an 11gR2, some users, some grants and some roles.


So the first connectivity-test is a succes.

Next test:

Creation of copy of the production database, upgrade and functionality test.

So it’s not supported, but I think I can get it to work.

Why do I blog?

Do I have to blog? Why should I blog? In what language should I blog? How often should I blog? Blogging is so 2000 and yet, in 2012 I will be starting my blog… I think.

To be honest, I will be blogging for myself as a sort of knowledge database. I think two things will appear in this blog: some things Oracle related and things related to life. The first will be in English, the second in dutch.

Let’s see where this journey gets me.